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Ceri-Ann Williams is an English actress that has recently trained with the National Youth Theatre (NYT), she grew up in Reading (England) and trained most of her life as a dancer and was also trained in acting from an early age.

She began her filming career with her first job on Midsummers Night Dream (2015), where she was a background dancer during the wedding scene. Her second job was a featured Amazonian extra in the film Wonderwoman (2017). Whilst Ceri was doing extra work on the set of Wonderwoman, the director Patty Jenkins noticed her similarities to the main actress Gal Gadot and it was then she asked if she would be interested in doubling or standing in. A few months later, Ceri was called in to fill the role as the current stand in got made a role in the film production called Ceri-Ann to finish the end scenes as the Wonderwoman double. This is where she got the acting bug and is now most commonly known for her work on Wonderwoman (2017) due to the recent success of the film. Since then recent credits includes Downton Abbey (2016), Holby City (2016), Featherweight (2017), White Gold (2017), Hunter Killer (2017), Breathe (2017), Medusa (2018).

After training with NYT, this motivated Ceri-Ann to write her own screenplays and is currently writing her first script called Venus & a Gemini.