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Who are we?

Retroplay - Movie, Gaming & Comic Festival is an event in Leighton Buzzard that brings together a broad scope of popular culture categories including: movies, gaming, comics, anime, television, gadgets, clothing and toys. We are made up of two local businesses; The Retro Centre and Digi-Steve Photography, to raise essential funds for KIDS OUT and at the same time, give the local communities an amazing day of fun!

How much of the money made on the day will be donated to KIDS OUT?

Great Question! All profits will be donated to KIDS OUT.


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets become available well in advance of the event. You can buy your tickets HERE or you can visit The Retro Centre in Leighton Buzzard and buy your tickets over the counter.

Do I have to buy tickets in advance?

We recommend you purchase your tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Once all tickets have sold out in advance they will not be available on the door!

Tickets say SOLD OUT, can I purchase on the door?

Once tickets have sold out in advance, they will not be available on the door. This is to make sure we do not go over capacity and to keep you all safe :)

Do I need to print tickets?

Our entry system operates on BARCODE tickets. You will need to be able to print your ticket to show or display it on a compatible phone or tablet display.


When will guests be announced?

We announce guests as soon as we have official confirmation. Guests can be announced at any point up to the week of the show.

How do I find out who is attending?

Keep an eye on our website

Can I bring my own merchandise to be autographed?

This will depend on the guest. If it's allowed we will add it on the website.

Can I take a selfie with the guests?

Yes, however it will depend on the guest if they charge for this.


What are the opening times?

Our event will open its doors at 10am and we close at 4pm.

Will there be alcohol?

Due to the nature of our audience, we won't be selling any alcohol.

Is there a smoking area?

This is a no smoking event. Smoking is not permitted within the school grounds.

Will stalls take debit/credit cards?

Some stalls do take debit/credit cards but not all of them. We recommend you bring cash with you.

Will there be First Aid at the event?

Yes! There will be First Aid available throughout the day.


Can I take my own videos and photographs?

Absolutely! Please do ask permission first from anyone you would like to video or photograph and respect their wishes if they decline.


Can I come in Cosplay?

Please do! We encourage you to cosplay!

Do I have to come in Cosplay?

You do not have to attend in Cosplay.

Is there somewhere I can get changed into my Cosplay?

We are very sorry but we don't have a changing room.


Is the event suitable for children?

Yes! This is a family event aimed to entertain people of all ages.

Can my child go for free?

All  children under 5 are free.


Can I volunteer to work at RetroPlay Festival?

Yes! Find out more about stewarding HERE.

Still have any questions?

Feel free to contact us on via our website or our social media