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Ghostbusters - Ecto 1

We're super excited to announce that the ICONIC Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters will be joining us at Retroplay! 

Paul and Tim  have devoted hundreds of hours to restoring the battered Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo-style endloader combination car and turning it into a perfect replica of the famous Ecto-1 wagon from the classic Ghostbusters movie franchise.

This car may well have been one of the cars purchased for the films as it was previously in Washington and it was common for film companies to buy numerous cars as back up vehicles, even if the cars were different years, sometimes purchased cars bared no resemblence to the one being used in the production but with movie magic they made them look like one, if you study Ghostbusters the car changes lots of times throughout the film. Our car as with the other Ghostbuster cars started life as an ambulance and was worth around $9,000 back when new.

After replacing the windows, the lights, the gearbox, engine, bodywork, seats and other items at Tim’s former garage – the pals have now putting the finishing touches to the car and it is here at Retroplay!

Come and get your picture taken with Ecto-1! Don't miss out!

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