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Thank you from Autism Bedfordshire

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped to make today possible. I think we can all agree that Steve and Ricky have done an absolutely terrific job of making RetroPlay such a hugely enjoyable day.

It costs over £500,000 a year to run our charity and to continue our services for people affected by autism. We are extremely grateful for every single penny that has been raised through this fantastic event. Thank you for being so generous.

Each year, Autism Bedfordshire continues to grow and develop, however the challenge to raise the funds to deliver our vital, life-changing work is relentless. Your significant contribution helps ensure that we can continue to run our services to support people with autism and their families.

On behalf of our all of members, staff and service users, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your wonderful support for the work that we do. We honestly couldn’t do it without you.

RetroPlay 2017 - Video by Bernie Raffe