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Thank you from Kids Out

Dear Steve and Ricky,

On behalf of us all at KidsOut, I would like to say thank you to RetroPlay 2018 for the £1,500 which was generously donated to KidsOut. KidsOut is proud to have been chosen as Charity of choice for such a fantastic event. This is the largest amount fundraised for the charity for a local community event. This is a wonderful gift to receive and I would like to ask you to pass on our sincere thank you to all those involved in contributing to the event, whether they were volunteers who gave up their time to bring happiness to children on the day, helpers, exhibitors, stall holders and of course the stream of visitors on the day, of which proceeds all helped to reach this fantastic result.

The donation will enable KidsOut to provide more toys and opportunities over the coming year for the core group of children and young people we support in the Leighton Buzzard and surrounding area that are affected by domestic abuse and either in refuge accommodation or are in outreach. We will also be able to support other children in the area including those with disabilities, children with terminal illnesses, children with English as an additional language, children struggling academically and those not in education, employment or training.

As well as fundraising, the children we support were invited to attend the event thanks to generous donors. The KidsOut team and children who attended have reported back that the whole event could not have been better. From the array of activities on offer, attendees had the opportunity to see cosplay of many well-known movie character’s and superheroes such as; the Terminator, Captain Jack Sparrow, Predator (from Alien Vs Predator), Deadpool, Harley Quinn and many others.

We have received very happy comments from the children and parents who went on this fun day out. The children enjoyed a lovely experience, making a positive family outing and something for them to talk about and remember together.


“The event had positive impact on the children including socialising in a friendly environment, taking turns and trying new venues unfamiliar to them, building confidence in themselves and the world around them.”

The characters in outfits, vehicles and gaming - history of change.”

“It was great!” “

Really lovely morning, lots of memories of the day and family time together.”

Can I go again?”

“Our youngest Harry who is 4 got to meet his heroes; what more could a 4 year old want!”

"The event was very nice and useful, we would love to go again!”

It is clear that this experience meant a great deal to these children and simply would not have been possible without your support. The Fun Days and Toy Boxes go a long way to reminding these children that they are cared about, and provide them with a glimpse at a brighter future.

Your event could not have been better; the staff witnessed refuge children grinning from ear to ear, laughing and quite simply forgetting their problems. You have certainly provided them with memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you very much to everyone that took part in this incredible festival. We wish to work closely with Retroplay in the future and appreciate all the effort that the team put into making such a fabulous event, especially Steve Thewis and Ricky Bryans.

Thank you once again – your support is making a real difference.

Yours sincerely,

Gordon Moulds CBE Chief Executive