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Toby came from a show business family (his father was a puppet master, and his mother a singer/actress/voice teacher) but was expected to become an academic. He dropped out, however, in The Sixties, then worked on a fairground, in music clubs, and as an archaeological assistant, before ending up as an acrobatic comedy juggler in the streets. His fitness, and his experience with masks and mime, led to work on The Dark Crystal, with Jim Henson, doing big animatronic creatures, and working as one of Jim's personal assistants on the lead characters. This, in turn, led to performing Jabba the Hutt in Return of The Jedi.

For the following few years he worked on various film projects (Little Shop of Horrors, Labyrinth, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, etc) before running away with the circus, and touring on the road with NoFit State Circus.

At the age of 51, after years as a self-employed traveller, he got a steady job in his local library, as the ͚computer whisperer, helping both staff and public get to grips with computers and the Internet. Currently retired, and working on his autobiography.